Put Down The Candy & Let The Little Boy Go!

by Darko The Super



"I'd like to think of this album as more of a home-made mixtape you could burn to CD and give to Trick-or-Treaters. It's what I've been working on the past few months; music is a labor of love. I love releasing albums and sharing them with my friends and I intend to never stop. Put Down The Candy & Let The Little Boy Go! furthers that narrative. Maybe one day, I'll embrace my outer-adult to the fullest and find a real job. Til then, this is all I have," Evan Souza, better known as Darko The Super or Doc Heller, wrote within a message included along with his Trick-or-Treat-ready Haloween-themed mixtape. The Witzard previously premiered the mixtape's Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg-inspired title track, which Souza says was dually inspired by Slaves' recent Mike D (Beastie Boys)-produced album, Take Control. Darko The Super clever re-appropriated a line pulled from Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg's Eazy-E dissing "F*ck wit Dre Day (and Everybody's Celebratin')" and used it as "a metaphor for letting [his] childhood go and facing [his] fears of becoming an adult in the sense of what's acceptable by society's norms; trying to stop embracing [his] inner-child and focus on [his] outer-adult."

Put Down The Candy & Let The Little Boy Go! showcases 10 frantic genre-blending tracks—four of which ("Put Down The Candy..." "Milk of Magnesia," "Evan Threw Up," and "Spray Paint") were previously released over the course of the past month or so. Darko The Super drew inspiration and material for sampling from a wide array of sources including Horror film Kill List, Beck's "Corvette Bummer" & "Steve Threw Up," Drake's latest album Views, Devo's "Shrivel-Up," Small Professor, Facebook beat solicitation, Stoned Jesus, Portishead, Jimi Hendrix, Serengeti's Gasoline Rainbows, Deltron 3030, Michael Rapaport's 2006 film Special, and his girlfriend Alora. "Milk of Magnesia" is one of my personal favorite, almost Ol' Dirty B*stard-reminiscent, contained tracks, which Darko The Super fittingly described via email as: "For this track, I looped up the intro part of "Corvette Bummer" by Beck. I wrote the first two verses and the chorus after hearing the Beck song; the rest of it was cut-and-pasted from other unfinished songs I had written and never used. "Milk of Magnesia" was something I wrote in my notes to remember that I wanted to use it in a song somehow. I do that with a lot of phrases. It's also something old ladies who cheat at trivia drink." Put Down The Candy & Let The Little Boy Go! is currently available for just $6.66 (or more) at Darko The Super's own U DONT DESERVE THIS BEAUTIFUL ART label's Bandcamp page; make sure to grab a copy and "burn this to CD and hand it out to all the Trick-or-Treaters. I'm sure the little green ghouls will love you for it!"



released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Darko The Super Pennsylvania

I'm a driver, I'm a winner
Things are gonna change, I can feel it

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Track Name: I'm Gonna Make You a Mixtape (Feat. Ruben Gallego)
I wanna paint your eyelids
And dodge the draft
Ice skating rinks
Funny cigarette drags
Sprinkle angel dust
On the day dream forest
Joan of the arc
First day of chorus
Smallville chills
And the brain hotel
Smile like the moon
Always made me melt
Take off your hat
Hold your rosaries
Slow as a cannonball
Storm debris
Beat me with a bat
If I make no sense
Shopping malls
And the punk rock tents
Flea market deals
My hair’s on fire
I stole the wheels
But I left the tires
You’re a princess
I’m a jester in the park
Selling hot dogs
Under the tarp
The sky fell on us
Like a microwave
I got the suitcase blues
Plus some orange aid
Space monkey man
With a face so strange-oh
Rockets in flight
Time to down the drano
Hand in hand
We’ll forget the time
Picnic baskets
Lemon lime

Friday was the greatest
I’m gonna make you a mixtape
Name a star after you know who

Playing down in the basement
We’re gonna win this rat race
In the locker, I’m waiting for you
Track Name: Put Down The Candy & Let The Little Boy Go! (Beat by Doc Heller)
Fuck that spaced out shit
I made this with my bare hands, stones and sticks
You're a brand name clone
In any weather
You support fascist cos you don't know any better
You're on varsity
And can keep a harmony
Thuggish ruggish
I'm moving sluggish
I'm ditching class
The security guard can't keep up, I run too fast
I ain't coming back
I'm outta this galaxy
Waking up from this fallacy
I got a name and a number
Spent my life down the drain like a plumber
I just wanted a date with the dancing queen
Now through implants they're tracking me
Grab the broom thought I was Michael
I hope you shoot your eye out with the Bible

I don't have fancy jackets
I can't play the guitar
I don't wear bow ties
But I know who you are

Does that matter at all

Fuck the humanoids
I'll eat what I want cos I'm a growing boy
And I'm unemployed
It's hard to enjoy anything
When you're so in love but can't afford a wedding ring
It's setting in
The self doubt
The tears that make me wanna shout to let it all out
Bite your nails
Eat shit
They call it greediness
The hole in my head is bigger than the cut on your wrist
How many capitalists must get pissed?
Me say many
We could lose a few cos we got plenty
You don't own me
I play Roy Orbison when I'm lonely
I'm top 5 dead inside
They say it's where you're at, well I'm in my mind
Grabbed the broom thought I was Michael
I hope you shoot your eye out with that rifle
Track Name: Milk of Magnesia (Beat by Beck)
Hey Mr. Famous boy, look at you now
Your scooters on fire, tipping cash cows
They got printing factories and restraining orders
You got booking agents and fancy lawyers
Your squeezing out that last drop of shampoo
Sticky notes on your lunch, you look like Shamoo
I’m standing right here with the beer in my hand
And I don’t understand, no I don’t understand

Where were you when the Beatles died?
Driving in your Lacville ’79
Flipping burgers and greasy fries
Fix the cassette deck in your ride
Swanky blazers and superman ties
I got all wrapped up in a big fat lie
I hope it makes you cry, I hope it makes you cry

Whatever we weren’t meant to do
Flap your wings, invent the groove
Stay up late, and chew your food
It’s all gonna sink to the bottom of the sea
I have you and you got me

Take me down now
I’ve been on this wall for much too long
Save me a spot
Front row of the funeral, watch me rot
Take me downtown
I’ve been stuck on this god damn song
Save me sexy robot
Front row of punk show, flinging snot

I'm Already dead
Falling flat on my head
Got dread flowing out my eyes
A pocket full a dust and cyanide
Suicide oozing from my ears
I got Mountain Dew for tears
Rub my heart in gravel
Sludge soda and a rattle
Baby snakes on the barb wire
I'm a rubber tire
I'm the fire on your windshield
Mixed feelings about the real deal
Sealed and signed
Delivered to your mind
Caught in the vortex
Bullet hole in my cerebral cortex
Jam me in the microwave
A brain is a terrible thing to taste
I'm dripping sweat from my teeth
I got Fool's gold on a leash
Creep show spazzoid
All work and no noise
Cop killer sex toy
Blood lust joy
Fun crusher technology
Space face odyssey
Don't test the hype machine
Fuck the red white blue and green
A dream destroyed
Voyage to the void
Crude drawings of my past self
Carved in my tombstone
roller coaster to hell

Ride the wave
Track Name: Evan Threw Up (Beat by Devo)
This milkshake tastes like Rick Rubin’s sandals
I ain’t got no trophies on the mantel
Pop tarts and catfish
Do that shit do it do that shit
Before the show I had to puke
Churches chicken in the bathroom
I had a beer and some tasty cakes
Someone’s in the stall so I had to wait
I threw up at the party
Told the hostess I was sorry
It was a Tuesday afternoon
Ice cream on a night in June
I passed my driving test
Down at the mall bout to spend my check
In FYE and I’m nauseous again
It’s new years eve with my best friend
I’m always nervous around pretty girls
Under their thumb yeah they spin my world
Around the corner and I’m bout to hurl
I should’ve never went on the tilt a whirl
I knew you from way back
It must’ve been geometry class
They hate me, they point and laugh
A few years later and they’re smoking crack
Hooked on the glass
Gag reflex while I remix the rap
I got 2 cell phones 15 ringtones
50 inch tv in my mobile home
Trailer Park Boy you can’t tell me nothing
Find em at the Wawa selling something
They got the stick up kids
Twisting wigs
Knocking up they bitch
And doing bids
It’s all burning down to the cement
They’re after me I guess I must repent
I’m in the backyard bonfire big league chew
Everyone grossed out cos Steve just puked
Who told you to bring your cousin
I got that son of a 9 and I ain’t bluffing
Track Name: Anything (Beat by Small Professor)
You’re beautiful Susie Salmon, like the fish
I wanna eat you like a Twix

I got you a bouquet
I met you on Tuesday
I never felt this way
You could melt sun rays

You taste like Sweedish candy
Your voice is Jesus and Brandy

Take my hand I’m all yours
Up and away, we’ll soar
Call ya everyday I’m on tour
You’re the cereal I wanna pour
I want more, so much more

Tissues and issues, of the past all disappear
I miss you, if I’m with you, and you’re not here

Your kiss is on my list every year, my dear

Break on through to the other side
Spinning that chronic, singing let me ride
From IHOP to the bridal shop
I’ll stir fry you in my wok
You so fine, I wanna plant you and grow a whole field of y’all
I’ll even let you win, playing basketball
You’re so near to my heart
I don’t even know to where to start
I’ll be the big spoon, the big dipper
You’re a shooting star, a good kisser
I’ll propose to you in an air balloon
We’ll get lost in space, skipping rocks on the moon
Take you to disney world
You got me on sky mountain, you’re my favorite girl
We could be Mickey and Mini
Or Mickey and Mallory
I’ll give ya the skinny
I ain’t got much of a salary
But I’ll use my imagination
I’m no superman, or captain amazing
But for you, I’d do anything
Track Name: Spray Paint (Beat by Gloam)
Spray paint
Dripping off the greyhound
Pimping you can hate me now
I’m limping off the court man
Jerry and the door man
You a sore loser
I’m in the PT Cruiser
See me, I’m The Super

Baby I’m so broken
Took the shot, wide open
Feel like Gomer Pyle
Homer with the style
This is my rifle
I think that I’m unique
Batman in the streets
But in the sheets I’m a psycho

That be what’s happening
Packing a mack in the back of the Ac again
In school you was laughening
Looking like Zap Brannigan
I’m not a fan of him
Go tell your mans and them
Eminem and the manikin
It’s 3 in the morning and I’m jacking off again

Switching tags and barcodes
They used to call me lardo
Shot em like Fargo
You laying in the snow now
On that horse like whoa now
Your nose look like a snow plow
Ludacris’s Roll Out

If you can’t afford it
Go to bit torrent
And when I’m touring
Can’t miss it like Air Jordan
Importing and Exporting
The Art, like Vandelay
And all the ladies say

I remember way back when
Listening to Mack 10
I wanted to ball in Benz
Now I’m poor with no friends
Just trying to make ends
Track Name: Smells Like Cough Syrup (Beat by Eldritch Tha First)
You smacking everybody? I don't believe that
You can't create so you sell feedback
Out for the meanest green stacks
I don't dance or even lean back
There's bigger fish
I got props from The Spits
So, let me play your party
They say I'm avant-garde and artsy
But I'll sock you in the face if you cut my set short
Knock the Diet Pepsi out your gorilla hands, you dork
All your friends are plastic like spork's
Rappers need chapstick and chewing gum
Oxygen for their black lungs
Put the blunt down I
I got more flows than bazooka Joe, you got one sound
Go back to free styling at lunch tables
I'm out to dinner with your Aunt Mable
Been writing rhymes since you was pirating cable
You got served by MC able
I don't give a rats tail about your record label
Your favorite song smells like cough syrup
I bet back then you had lots of school spirit
Looking like a super villain named tear jerker
Stealing footballs from kids like a big beer belly burp'er
Go back to your fry grease from king burger
You're the type to get murdered and not come back to haunt people
The lesser of two evils is still evil
I'll battle anybody in the parking lot for a 100 bucks
And straight up tell your brother that his brother sucks
You can't rap
You're stuck to the ceiling like cartoon flapjacks
Honey's call my nuts, santa's sack
You drink orange Fanta cos you wack
The bartender at your venue looks like Ms. Doubt-fire
I hope they purposely spell your name wrong on the flyer
You wear sweaters with outer space cats and think you're edgy
Only demons need balloons and confetti to feel ready
He ain't heavy, he's the super
I'll crash your party when I crash your computer
Internet loser
You don't exist in the future
I'm erasing all your self help audio files
So you stay in denial

Get the fuck outta my face
No one wants to see your ankles, you punk ass flake
Go back to the drawing board, your EZ bake
Your drum breaks need less pigtails and roller skates
Track Name: Gasoline Rainbows (Feat. Alora)
Sweet baby buddha in a Cadillac
Take me to the river Mr. Daddy Fat Sacks
Choke on slime while my mind’s erased
Hate the city but I love the taste
Blood sweat and tears in my pulled pork
My newspaper’s blank, so’s The Source
Magazine widow with her hair in a bun
Get old fast as you sag in the sun
Black smoke covered the denim jungle
Dropped my pager in a gasoline puddle

I ain’t got no inclination
To give away this sweet sensation
I ain’t got no rhyme or reason
To fast forward through the seasons

Channel changers and spearmint gum
Fruit rollups tattoo my tongue
Hey joe, where you going with that gun
They say death must be easy cos life ain’t fun
Drank your sorrows from an engraved flask
It read her name plus the date she passed
We’ll go on down to the wine and spirits
And when you’re broke, I don’t wanna hear it
It’s all part of the game you cheat
Dropped my beeper in a puddle of grease

I ain’t got no inclination
To give away this sweet sensation
I ain’t got no rhyme or reason
To fast forward through the seasons

Cos rainbows don’t chase after me
No, rainbows don’t chase after me
Cos rainbows don’t chase after me
No, rainbows don’t chase after you
Track Name: Somber (Beat by Eldritch Tha First)
A lot of people wanna eat my heart and gain my powers
But I'll be wearing a mask of dreams during the meteor showers
Drinking hours out the glass
Living off borrowed time the clock ticks fast
I'm dynamite and a lit match like Stina Nordenstam
Just a boring man
Succubus and a beer can
I'll name a star after you though I don't own the sky
Astrology's a lie
I'm in a cage on Tralfamadore from slaughterhouse 5
Counting the rings on Saturn
Rinse and lather your brain
Nothing matters, I'm a runaway train

This is somber
This is bogus poetry
It's an honor
To be your Christmas tree

This is somber
This is bogus poetry
It's an honor
To be thrown away on New Year's Eve

Voices in my head, think in languages I don't understand
All I know is grief and sticking it to the man
I got beef cake panty hose patty's
Stay away from those hungry freaks daddy
Your baby girl is green and the world is very mean
Ain't that just your average teen with triple beam dreams
I'm draped in blue velvet like the night
It tastes terribly mysterious, take a bite
Have some faith with your briefcase blues
You got a face made for Q102

This is somber
This is bogus poetry
It's an honor
To be your Christmas tree

This is somber
This is bogus poetry
It's an honor
To be thrown away on New Year's Eve

I wonder why
They hate to die
On the movie screen, it makes me want to cry
I envy the dead
Alone in my head
I dread
To open the sky
Track Name: A Future That Will No Longer Exist (Beat by Doc Heller)
A leak into another dimension
2 eyes in animated suspension
Behind the goggles
A mind in full throttle
Live in existence I created
Adam didn't fuck Eve, he masturbated
Time is a serpent eating itself
What came first, fear or hell
They don't matter
The glass apple shattered
I'll propose with the rings of Saturn
Stuck in the pattern
Type in the code every hour
Till the sweet nothing's sour
We be to infinity what key be to lock
The abyss is back in stock
Let's go home kill ourselves and our day jobs
Life has given me just enough to hate God
Philosopher robot
I don't think with no box
I wanna push the envelope instead of a mop
I got a complex and I hate cops
Spraying raid on the block
And ain't got the courtesy to knock
Help I'm a rock
Stop the awe and shock
Do the worm and whop as the street turns to trampolines
I came to the city just to see the scene
A third eye projecting my dreams
Commanding the void
And you can't stand the noise
Obey the brands of toys
They live what I employ
Write a novel, write an album
Who controls the drugs controls the asylum
We're all living in the hell hole
Escape through inventions of the soul
It's like a lighthouse
Gotta get it right now
I see the blankness of your face
Science fiction isn't limited to space
Senses aren't limited to taste
Feel that like diving off of free base
Head first into the Milky Way

It's 2050
I downloaded the doohickey
Printed in 3D
Broadcast holograms through TV's
Cyborg Phil Collins doing the soundtrack to space odyssey
Poser composer prodigy
Synthesized Seagrams sipping soul sisters
Better hope you're a good tipper
3 million galaxies just to lick her
I took a piss in the Big Dipper
Heads in jars
Like Futurama Hollywood stars
Frozen Donald trump eats skunk in the back of his daddy's car
Lucky punks get sucker punched out front of the baro
Visit marsh mellow forest at no charge
I'm so large and major
Fake scars and 2 way pagers
You sucking digital lollipopsicles
I don't look at MC's as obstacles
Creativity flows through me like electricity
Never catch me slipping I'm slicker than Ricky D
I rap platinum, you smoke foil while your shoes boil
Fuck O'Doyle
I rule this land
I'm the super, you're a Pepsi can
Went to Bermuda just to tan
Slapping astronaut ice cream out toddlers hands

I blew my brain right out my nose
Covered in mucus the light it glows
Roses are black my gun is chrome
Plasma blast the door to your home