HipHopDX Bad, Darko Good.

by Darko The Super



Well, it's not novelty rap, that's for sure...


Fuck Hip Hop DX, I'm too advanced for y'all
Let me pull down my pants so you can suck my balls
Go back to working at united parcels
You don't even create
The ginger bread man, coming for all half bakes
I cracked the safe, gate keeper punks
I ain't here to make believers out of chumps
I'm running over skunks
I'll put chunks of your dead parents in your chili
I better never catch you in Philly
Trent Clark? Motherfucker I'm Clark Kent
Don't let me find you in the parking lot dead bent
I live with my parents so I don't have to pay rent
I play the game smart
You're lame Clark
I hope you become a base head and suck dick for your next hit
All your co-hosts are pricks
I know you seen my message
Must be too busy watching young and the restless
Listening to Tech N9ne cos you're so edgy
Trying to look sexy for every puff daddy you see
You could never be me
You look at expression as an industry
If you were starving I wouldn't let you lick my spoon
I wouldn't even let you clean my room
Fuck you
Darko bout to blow up and get a mill a check
And make sure in hell, the devil dances with your silhouette
I got my name from Richard Kelly not the pistons
Say it to my face when I'm on tour in Detroit, Michigan
You pansy bitch, I don't make art as a business
Where's your 50 albums you bogus critic?
Don't make me hunt you down, like the chronicles of Riddick
I ate my spinach and my wheaties
You can't defeat me
I'm too strange, like E.T.
Hip Hop DX? More like wanna be B.E.T.
I listen to WMGK 102.9
You listen to MGK and that dude can't rhyme
How many think pieces have you wrote on J. Cole's career?
Close my freezer full of heads motherfucker it's cold in here
You're a doofus internet blogger who thinks I'm too weird
I'm gonna find you in LA, and murder your whole staff
You trying to be like Rev Run, taking bubble baths
Well I'm a take my spiked bat to your black berry
Then it's lights out for you Mr. rap fairy
You think that's scary?
Wait till I get my hands around your neck
I'm Darko the super, motherfuck Hip Hop DX

You can't defeat me
I'm Darko baby
The finest of MC's
You think that's crazy
I got you tied up in the basement
Electric shocked with a pole
Bang your head on the pavement
It's not about how many records sold
You ain't got no soul

And marcel said
Nothing you idiots, marcel's Dead, he's locked in my basement


released March 10, 2017
Produced by Doc Heller



all rights reserved


Darko The Super Pennsylvania

I'm a driver, I'm a winner
Things are gonna change, I can feel it

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